When using Pintari triangular battens, you can be sure that the roof you construct will be a pleasure to behold. Pintari combines the beauty of a traditional roof with a strong, compact elastomer bitumen membrane structure. Pintari includes a firm, strong polyester support layer, which can withstand the whipping heavy rain and frost. The roof lasts for a lifetime, is quiet and fits the landscape. Pintari, which can be attached without using special tools, is very suitable for a self-operating constructor. The material is easy and quick to handle and form, regarding miters and inlets, for instance.

Pintari can easily be used to create a traditional triangular batten. The minimum slope of a triangular batten is 1:3 (= approximately 18°).

There are five available Pintari triangular batten colours. The other colours listed below are meant for valley membranes of the coloured roofs, made with roofing shingles.


Intended use
Steep roofs, Top layer membrane, Triangular batten roofs
Installation method
Mechanical fastening
Minimum slope
  • Pintari
  • Copper brown
  • Desert brown
  • Terracotta
  • Mahogany
  • Havana
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
Detailed product and packaging information
Packages per pallet
24 pcs
SBS-elastomer bitumen
Bottom surface
External fire performance

ColorCopper brownDesert brownTerracottaMahoganyHavanaArundelRedGreenBrownGrayBlack
Product width0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m0.7 m
Product length10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m10 m
Weight (kg)2727272727272727272730
Instructions and materials
Other information