Katepal elastomer bitumen roofing shingles give the DIY-builder access to professional quality performance.

Katepal now brings the material used by roofing professionals, SBS elastomer bitumen, within reach of DIY-builders, throughout the entire range of designs and colours.

SBS elastomer bitumen is a really superior material of roofing shingles and it's properties far exceed those of other roofing shingle materials.

Katrilli toned roofing expands the range of roofing shingles. Find a design that suits your taste from the wide range of options.

Installation of Katepal Shingles


Intended use
Steep roofs
Installation method
Self-adhesive, Mechanical fastening
Minimum slope
  • Katrilli
  • Autumn Red
  • Moss
  • Barkwood Brown