Sealing Compound K-36

Elastic, elastomer bitumen-based sealing seam adhesive.
For sealing and repairing the seams and pass-through edges of felt, tin, brick and similar roofs. For metal, wood, brick, concrete, hard PVC, bitumen, felt and other surfaces, for gluing the seams of bitumen felt and bitumen roofing tiles and for sites where elasticity is required at low temperatures and a non-drip agent is necessary at high temperatures.
How to use:
Store at room temperature for at least one day before use. Clean the surfaces of all loose matter, dirt and grease. Porous and dusty surfaces should first be coated with bitumen solution K-80. Spread a layer about 1 mm thick of the K-36 (use for example a 4 x 4 mm notched spreader, holding it at a 45° angle). Press the surfaces together carefully in order to avoid air pockets and apply pressure until the sealant exudes from the seam. Finally, smooth out the residue using the spatula. Can also be used on damp surfaces. Working temperature +5…+50 °C, when gluing. Consumption for gluing 1 l/m². The glued part of the felt must not be covered before the glue has hardened. Stains and tools should be cleaned up mechanically or using white spirit or mineral turpentine. Indoors, the product must be allowed to dry completely (the solvent must evaporate) before the premises are taken into use.

Black, non-drip and weather-proof mass. Heat resistance > +100 °C, but does not drip even in higher temperatures. Dust dry in around 5 hours at +20°C. Hardening time 1–14 days depending on the thickness of the layers.

In a dry place protected against sunlight and heat.

Instructions for environmental protection:
Empty packaging and dried product can be taken to a landfill. Undried product is counted as hazardous waste. Must be disposed of in accordance with waste management legislation and instructions from the environmental authorities.

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