Roof wash K-10

An efficient way to remove growths of algae, moss and other microbes from the surfaces of different materials.

Targets of use
Suits the most common roof and facade materials. Does not harm the surfaces, and can thus be used on plastered, wooden, stone, bitumen, concrete, plastic etc. surfaces. Typical targets of use include: roofs, terraces, balconies, walls, yard stones, plinths, walls, garden furnishing etc.

Conditions of use and preparatory labour
The material is affected by temperatures of +10 °C. The effect becomes greater as the temperatures rise. Strong, direct sunshine can instead cause a rapid evaporation of the substance, lowering its effect. The material is also not recommended for use during possible night frosts. Before the material is spread, the easily detachable growths are removed and the processed surfaces cleaned by brushing them gently.

  • Roof wash K-10