Silcartex 135 Easy

Breathable underlay sheet
Silcartex 135 Easy is a breathable underlay sheet which is typically used as a combined wind barrier and underlay in a structure where the thermal insulation is installed directly against the underlay sheet without a separate ventilation space. In this kind of structure the minimum slope of the roof should be 15 degrees.

The combined underlaysheet and wind barrier should always be mounted so that it creates an air- and watertight layer. The edges of the sheet and all the penetrations of the roof are sealed with a suitable tape. The roof shall be ventilated between the underlay sheet and the final roofing with openings on the ridge and eaves.

Both vertical and horizontal installation possible. When installing vertically the sheet is mounted continuous from ridge to eaves with no horizontal joints. In horizontal instal-lation the joints are possible on the roof rafters.
Near the eaves the joint between wall wind barrier and combined underlay sheet and wind barrier must be airtight.

Hot dip galvanized felt nails are recommended for the installation.

The final roofing should be laid as soon as possible after the underlay sheet is installed.

It is possible to use this product as a standard underlay sheet, but in that kind of structure the space under the underlay sheet should be properly ventilated.


Intended use
Self-supporting underlay, Diffusion-open underlay sheet
Installation method
Mechanical fastening
Minimum slope
  • Silcartex 135 Easy
Detailed product and packaging information
Size of sales unit (m²)
63.75 m2
1.5 m
50 m
Packages per pallet
36 pcs
Underlay class
Polypropene fabric

Weight (kg)10.2
Instructions and materials
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