SuperBase Grip Green

An underlay sheet for shingle roofing and other applications. Reinforced with a polyester felt. Meets the requirements for the finnish underlay class AKE. Upperside of the product has grip granule that prevents slipping on the roof and underside has fine sand. Tight self-adhesive edges on both sides. Can also be used as a vapour barrier.

Katepal Green is a choice that can reduce a building’s carbon emissions. The products are made with renewable and recycled raw materials, and carbon-free “green” electricity was used during the manufacturing process. Katepal Green bitumen top sheets have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than comparable standard products. The carbon footprint of an ordinary bitumen roof is already competitive, but Katepal Green products go a step farther. 


Intended use
Underlay tile- and metal roofs, solid decking, Steep roofs, Under layer membrane, Vapour barrier
Installation method
Self-adhesive, Mechanical fastening
  • SuperBase Grip Green
Detailed product and packaging information
Size of sales unit (m²)
13.5 m2
1 m
15 m
Packages per pallet
30 pcs
Product class
Underlay class
Vapour barrier class
SBS-elastomer bitumen
Grip-surface, Self Adhesive Edge
Bottom surface
Sand, Self adhesive edge

Weight (kg)32
Instructions and materials
Other information