Classic KL Green

Katepal Green is a choice that can reduce a building’s carbon emissions. The products are made with renewable and recycled raw materials, and carbon-free “green” electricity was used during the manufacturing process. Katepal Green bitumen top sheets have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than comparable standard products. The carbon footprint of an ordinary bitumen roof is already competitive, but Katepal Green products go a step farther.

Classic KL Green - this shingle model is, like its name, a true classic. The product is made with renewable and recycled raw materials, that gives lower carbon footprint.


Intended use
Steep roofs
Installation method
Self-adhesive, Mechanical fastening
Minimum slope
  • Classic KL Green
  • Classic KL Green
Detailed product and packaging information
Items per package
22 pcs
Size of sales unit (m²)
3 m2
1000 mm
Packages per pallet
39 pcs
SBS-elastomer bitumen
Bottom surface
Adhesive, Sand

Weight (kg)24
Instructions and materials
Other information